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Chapter report 2014 for Honeynor (the Norwegian chapter!)

HoneyNor - Chapter Status Report For 2014

Security in 2020? Anton Chuvakin will give you the broad overview!

The broader picture a the conference will be given by a well known person in this field. He will talk about "Security 2020" This is Dr. Anton Chuvakin, and he is a Research Director at Gartner's Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) Security and Risk Management Strategies team in his day job.

Building a functional and centralized threat intelligence framework, with Mark!

We have finally gotten an interview with Mark Schloesser. This is the guy that does not say too much, but delivers as hell. “Less talk more code” could easily describe him. He will take you through Configuring an Environment for Threat Assessment This is building a functional and centralized threat intelligence framework! We are really looking forward to this workshop!

Tell us Mark, why did you become a security expert?

Reversing Malicious Flashy Flash and Dissecting Malicious Document with Mahmud!

We have interviewed Mahmud ab Rahman, who currently works as an Information Security Specialist for Malaysia Computer Emergency and Response Team (MyCERT) under the umbrella of CyberSecurity Malaysia. His areas of focus are network security,botnet monitoring, and malware analysis.

Felix Leder and his talk "Lord of the Rings – Monitoring malware behavior on all layers" in Dubai 10-12th of February!

We have interviewed Felix Leder, who works as an innovation and new technology architect for Norman ASA. He has has presented classes around the world on malware analysis, reverse engineering, and anti-botnet approaches.

"Secure Exploit Payload Staging…or how we did not kill an 0day at Defcon"

We have interviewed Georg Wicherski, who is one of the speakers for the Honeynet Workshop in Dubai 10-12 of February. Georg will give a briefing about “Secure Exploit Payload Staging…or how we did not kill an 0day at Defcon”

So Georg, why did you become a security expert?

Pathos: Hacking is my second love after my family and working as a security person allows me to live my passion every day.

And what will you talk about?

Visualize your attacks workshop in Dubai 10-12th

We have interviewed Raffy, who is one of the teachers for the Honeynet Workshop in Dubai 10-12 of February. Raffy will give the following talk: How Big Data, Data Mining, and Visualization Enable Security Intelligence and a class on Information Visualization - Bridging the Gap Between Tufte and Firewalls"

So Marty, tell us, why did you become a security expert?

The search for open VoIP gateways intensifies!

Got several calls from customers today. Their end-customers were calling them telling that their phone is ringing in the middle of the night. When some of them answers, there is no one there. We do some traces on it from our VoIP platform but can not find anything, and concludes there is random SIP INVITES beeing sent directly to the adapter.

This is a common way of searching for open VoIP gateways. They send a SIP INVITE with a real number that they control. If the SIP INVITE is making a successful call to this destination, the traffic suddenly increases after a while.

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