CyberSecurity Malaysia Chapter

CyberSecurity Malaysia is an agency under the Ministry of Science and Technology. The honeynet project is carried out by staff in the Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT), which is a department within CyberSecurity Malaysia.  

CyberSecurity Malaysia Chapter Report for 2013


The CyberSecurity Malaysia Chapter right now consisting of many new faces and currently consists of the following members who are full time staffs with Malaysia CERT (MyCERT), a department of CyberSecurity Malaysia:

1. Azmi Md Nor - Chapter Lead
2. Fathi Kamil Zainuddin
3. Megat Muazzam Megat Mutallib
4. Mohd Hafiz Mat Tabrani
5. Nur Mohammad Kamil Bin Mohammad Alta
6. Lim Jun Yi
7. Ahmad Ramadhan Amizuddin

New members in our chapter are Azmi Md Nor, Fathi Kamil Zainuddin and Ahmad Ramadhan Amizudin.


CyberSecurity Malaysia Chapter Status Report for 2008

1.0 Organization
We'd like to welcome a new member is this report, Adnan Shukor. He will be working on more client side threat research.  So far we have six (6) members, who are full time staff with CyberSecurity Malaysia and Malaysia CERT:

About The Honeynet Project

The Honeynet Project is a leading international 501c3 non-profit security research organization, dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools to improve Internet security. With Chapters around the world, our volunteers have contributed to fight against malware (such as Confickr), discovering new attacks and creating security tools used by businesses and government agencies all over the world.

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