GSoC Project #7 - Improving PicViz

Picviz is a parallel coordinates plotter used to visualize log and honeypot data.

Its primary goal is to graph data in order to be able to quickly analyze problems and find correlations among variables. PicViz have PicViz-GUI module, a dynamic tool that allow user interacts with graphic and find new correlations among data.

Primary Mentor: Sebastien Tricaud
Student: Victor Amaducci
Deliverables: This Gsoc project seek new improvements for PicViz-GUI module. These
improvements will give ways for user extract more decisions from PCP
graphics. At the codification process, we expect have a solid toll with features like real-time filters, brushing, zoom, scrolling and more...
Were defined some problems on extraction of information from a graphic. Some of them were selected to be an step in gsoc timeline.

See below the steps and schedule of them.
        1 - Addition controls to change relations among the axises improving the  preview of  graphic;

Reordering of the axes was considered a vital
type of analysis best supported by this type of representation.
Relationships among a small number of variables would be difficult to
discern if those variables were distant from one another on
representation, readjust each position of variable and your relations
can be interactively explored to enhance the graphic.

       2 - Addition features to apply zoom/focus effect in some aspect from graphic;
The density of lines in the PCP can be reduced
dramatically using a focusing tool. Through the implementation of this
feature it will be possible isolate portions of share a value or a
range of values of a particular variable. Focusing the PCP reduce the
visual clutter and remove the lines that are not important to each

        3 - Addition features to apply scroll on graphic (like
google maps) so that to improve the preview of graphic from big

This is very intuitive.

4 - Addition features to apply brush effect to provide method of plot marks manually;

Selecting multiple lines to detach them seems to be very effective
method of drawing attention to signatures of a group observations that
share similar values of one attribute. In addition, brushing can be
used to highlight a subgroup of observations which have an inverse
relationship between two variables.

5 -  Addition controls to choice a file log and a parser log, using the
frontend, so that become easy the build of graphic from any service

This feature will facilitate the process of creating the graph, so that
the user does not need go to the command line to create the pcv file.
This is possible through the steps, select the parser, select the log
and plot the graph. Save the pcv file should also be possible.

6 -  Automatic parser creation through user aided selection of sections text in the log.

Create an visual tool to build
parsers, i.e. by user selecting desired parts of text to be variables
to automatic creation parsers. Trough analysis of excerpts of log it's
possible to create an useful parser to each desired type of line log.

        7 -  Dynamic graphic ploting;
                    Create a method for real-time getting information from log files to ploting  its dynamically.

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Tests on Picviz

Picviz 'Durian gostoso' 0.6 is out

Hello all!
In Last night we had released the newest version of PicViz suite (that contains all PicViz tools). Specifically for the GUI, now we can brush the lines dynamically and apply zoom in graph. To allow line brush has been necessary reimplement some important classes of PyQt used in the GUI. It wasn't easy. But now it works, despite of we must continually improve the line (event) selection. Read more »

Another Features is ready!

Hi folks! I'm happy cause the work on Picviz Projetct goes well. Another feature was finish, and was determined on our Porposal we are work to improve the Picviz interface.
Item 2 from our Proposal, that is ready: Read more »

A little demo of Change Axis tool

In PCP research, axes reorder is an vital type of analysis. A difficult task is recognize relationships among a small number of variables, specially if those variables were distant in the representation, readjust position of each variable can be interactively explored to improve the graphics and extract more information of them.
You could saw this feature was done and how I haven't posted an effective demonstration for readers of honeynet blog yet. With help of my tutor Sebastien, we was created a gif that represents the axes reorder in action. Read more »

First Improvement of PICVIZ is done

Hi all!

As defined in gsoc proposal the first step was prepare PicViz-Gui to allow change axes order, including add duplicated axes. Even before start the codification process this feature is done. I hope this is a little sinal of we'll have success in all tasks that were defined. See a shot:

axis0, As first and last.

Read more »

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