Project 4 - HonEeeBox User Interface

Student: György Kohut
Primary mentor: David Watson
Backup mentor: Arthur Clune, Raphael Marty, Ben Reardon

Google Melange:

Project Overview:
The project aims to develop a web UI that provides browsing and statistical overview for data collected by the HonEeeBox sensor network with emphasis on visualisation.

Ultimately, it is to be a public central service, providing analytics for the sensor network and serving as a information repository for the collected data.

Project Plan:

  • April 23rd - May20th: Community Bonding Period
  • May 21st : GSoC 2012 coding officially starts
    Working on the web front end and visualisations.
  • July 9th - July 13th: Mid Term Assessments
    Making the web UI scalable and integrating it with a real data collection back end.
  • August 13th: Suggested "pencils down" date, coding close to done
  • August 20th: Firm "pencils down" date, coding must be done
  • August 24th - August 27th: Final Assessments
  • August 31st - Public code uploaded and available to Google

Project Deliverables:
A V1 web UI.

Project Source Code Repository:

Student Weekly Blog: https://www.honeynet.or/blog/294

Project Useful Links:

Project Updates:

June 18 - End of Week 4

Finished work on hbbackend. The Vagrant/Puppet project for generating a hbbackend VM image is available at:

Going to focus on the web Ui from now on.

June 11 - End of Week 3

Further planning. Improving hbbackend a bit, implementing a JMX interface for controlling and polling the status of the hpfeeds consumer, implementing caching for some common, repetitive queries. Probably both are useful in the longer run.

June 4 - End of Week 2

Vagrant/Puppet setup mostly complete. Planning for the actual project. Testing hbbackend.

May 28 - End of Week 1

Reworked last year's data collection back end, from now on called hbbackend, for hpfeeds:

Also decided, that it would useful to provide means to generate a virtual machine image of hbbackend with dependencies and the database readily set up. Began further work on the Vagrant/Puppet build set template provided by Arthur to achieve this.

May 21 - End of the Community Bonding Period

Besides the normal project planning, decided to try to make use of last year's code for a data collection back end by making it work with hpfeeds, as the project needs a PostgreSQL data store with high volumes of fresh data. As a first step for this, created a simple hpfeeds client implementation in Java: