Integrate Droidbot into Cuckoo Sandbox

Project Name: Project 5 - Online Android Sandbox
Mentor: Hanno Lemoine (DE)
Backup mentor: Hugo González (MX)
Skills required: Python, Android, Cuckoosandbox, virtualization technologies, web tech (HTML, JavaScript) and SQL.
Project type: Improve existing tool
Project goal: Integrate DroidBOT into the Android part of cuckoosandbox (2.0) and setup a online service.
Droidbox [1] is used in a range of other projects. Even though these projects collect a lot of data, only few of them are available and the data is not always shared. We want to base the online sandbox on the existing code of the cuckoosandbox [2] like you can see on [3]. The Android Support in cuckoosandbox is brand new in Version 2.0 and docu and features are waiting to being written. One big feature would be to integrate DroidBOT [4] from the last GSoC in order to improve the code coverage of the dynamic analysis.

The online Android sandbox, which will can be hosted in the Honeynet Project’s or any other cloud, could be improved as an extensible platform to allow for the inclusion of other tools and techniques, like Androguard [5] for static analysis and Droidbox for alternative dynamic analysis[1].

If successful, this GSoC project will guarantee constant testing and feedback for the cuckoodroid, DroidBOT and Androguard codebases, which will sure lead to further and faster improvements. Moreover, it will provide a constant stream of suspicious samples and a platform to test experimental techniques developed within the Honeynet Project.