MITMProxy Web UI

Project Name: Project 6 - Create a kick-ass web user-interface for mitmproxy!
Mentor: Maximilian Hils (DE)
Backup mentor: Aldo Cortesi (NZ)
Skills required:

    •    HTML5/JS (strong, React.js would be a plus)
    •    Python (familiar)
    •    HTTP (familiar)
Project type: Improve existing tool
Project goal: Spend the summer creating a modern web interface for mitmproxy!




We started working on our web front-end “mitmweb”, which will finally bring a graphical user interface and Windows support to mitmproxy. Our long-term goal is to achieve feature-parity between the web-interface and the console application on most parts. The goal of this project is to add new features to the web interface so that we can ship it at the end of the summer. For example, one part of your project would be to implement and editing component for HTTP requests so that users can modify messages on-the-fly before they reach the server. While we have a good idea of some other features that need to be implemented, the first task for your application is to try out mitmweb and make a rough list of features you think are missing. We’ll then mix that with our ideas and expectations and create a great project plan for the summer!
We’re using a modern web app technology stack (React.js (Flux), Bootstrap, Gulp, ...), so you can work with the latest technologies and focus on good code rather than IE support. :-)


We have written a blog post describing our GSoC 2016 achievements here. With the release of mitmproxy 1.0, mitmweb is no officially part of the mitmproxy project and used by thousands of users!