The Month of the Honeynet Project Tools

Let the "Month of the Honeynet Project Tools" begin!

The idea beyond the MoHPT is quite simple. We would be really glad to involve more and more researchers out there in our research stuff and tools. In order to encourage contributions we are proposing you to dive deep into one of the already existing Honeynet Project tool cited below and contribute with feedback, ideas, documentation and/or code.

Ghost USB Honeypot

The better contributor(s) will be prized with a ticket to the 2013 Honeynet Project Workshop in Dubai.

If interested please contact the authors of such tools for understanding the better way to contribute, the currently planned features and additional details.

The MoHPT will end on 2013, Feb. 1st. so don't be shy and start contributing right now!

Happy new year and have fun!

Angelo Dell'Aera
The Honeynet Project