Irish Honeyn3t Chapter report 2014

Brendan Lawless - Chief Executive Officer & Researcher
Jason Flood - Chapter Founder, Advisor & Researcher
Dr Anthony Keane - Ethics Officer
DEPLOYMENTS: - main site and location of games when hosted through out the year during events.
We provides services to industry through providing CTF’s (Capture the Flag) tournaments to help educate the community, gather data and support recruitment searches for information security potential employers.
The Irish Honeyn3t Chapter, produced a number of CTF’s and educational sessions<br>
IRISSCON November 2014
Having provided the 2012 & 2013 CTF at IRISSCON the Honeyn3t was lucky enough to once again be responsible for providing the CTF for this event, the team put a serious amount of time and effort into this CTF to make it a success.
On the day the visuals during the CTF really emphasized just how much the Honeyn3t strives to deliver inventive and exciting CTF’s for the security community.
Publically reaching out to community and encouraging interest in the security space with students at the
"Cool Jobs" 2014 expo @ the Science Gallery Dublin, Ireland.
Data obtained from the Irisscon 2014 CTF challenge has led to the submission and successful acceptance of 
A paper to the ECCWS 2015 conference which is yet to be published publically under the provisional title (*July):
B.Lawless, J. Flood, A. Keane,”Analysis of the Implementation of an Interactive Kinetic Cyber Range Component" ”, (ECCWS), 2015.
The main results from the developments of the Irish Honeyn3t chapter during 2014 demonstrated how the provision of education strengthened the chapters links with industry. The provisioning of these educational sessions provided invaluable insight into tbe need for education in the Information technology field and the ever expanding room for advancement in how people are educated in the information technology space.
2014 Goals:
To build on the technical eminence of the chapter which has been well established since it's founding in 2013 within the irish and global information security community: This was met by the chapter providing educational sessions to students, researchers and industry professionals.
To provide education to the community: Met by providing interesting challenges that caught peoples attention enough to inspire them to learn more in the information security space, the challenges were on a vast array of topics in the security space.
To increase the technical ability of the core group of chapter members: The success of this goal can be seen in the advancement of CTF deploment used at the IRISSCON's 2014’s conference, where the framework utilized has improved steadily year on year as the group grows in expertise. Demonstrating the increasing ability of the group thanks to the continued development and commitment.
2015 Goals:
1. Build strong links with industry: By providing education sessions for them and enabling social events where industry can meet potential future employees.
2. Continue to develop an advanced education CTF infrastructure that stays relevant to industry and is also exciting to learn from and challenging.
3. Generate extensive amounts of big data for research and threat analysis.
4. Keep the a welcoming social group where information security professionals, students and hobbiests can get together, get communication channels going and stay social.