Indonesia Chapter Status Report For 2014

Current Members and their activities:
Charles Lim – Chapter Lead, Malware Research
IGN Mantra – Early Warning System, Research
Digit Oktavianto – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Mario Marcello – Honeypot Development, Developer, Research
Lukas – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Mustafa – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Hadi Syahrial – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Stewart – Honeypot Deployment, Developer
M. Ali Syarief – Android Malware Research
Amien Harisen Rosyandino – Honeypot Deployment, Research
Tita Latifah – Malware Analyst, Research
Dwi Ade Handayani Capah – Malware Analyst, Research
Ammar Fuad – Honeypot Deployment, Developer
Erwin Adi – Honeynet Deployment, Research
Registered Mailing List Members
119 (as of 21 April 2015) with about 15 active members.
DEPLOYMENTS (Total 10 honeypot sensors):
Swiss German University
Binus International University
Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA)
Universitas Bina Dharma
Universitas Gajah Mada
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
LayerSpeed (ISP & Hosting Company)
Deployment in Progress
Indonesia Internet eXchange (IIX) nodes
PEMDA in Bali
Telkom University
Perbanas Institute Jakarta
Near future deployments include:
* Kippo
* Glastopf
* Honeytrap
Mas Win Tools – Malware Analysis made easy
XMPP Performance Analysis to support high volume sensor traffic
Knowledge Discovery of Honeypot attack traffic using clustering algorithm
Analysis Attack behavior to Glastopf honeypot in Indonesia
Analysis of attack pattern to SCADA honeypots
We found at least 15 new or unknown malware during the 2014 honeypot deployments.
Charles Lim and Mario Marcello published the paper entitled: ”Development of Distributed Honeypot Using Raspberry Pi.”
Indonesia Honeynet Project participation in various events:
1.      Charles Lim presented Honeynet Project Indonesia Chapter in Padang  on 15 October 2014
2.      Charles Lim conducted Introduction to Honeypot Workshop in Padang on 16 October 2014
3.      Charles Lim presented paper entitled “Development of Distributed Honeypot Using Raspberry Pi,” in ICTS 2014 ( on 24 September 2014.
4.      Charles Lim presented “Mal-ONE: A Unified Framework for Fast and Efficient Malware Detection” in 2014 2nd International Conference on Technology, Informatics, Management, Engineering & Environment in Bandung Indonesia ( on 19 August 2014.
At the Indonesia Honeynet Seminar in Palembang, on 20 June 2014, supported by Ministry of Communication and Informatics (
1.      Charles Lim presented Honeynet – Indonesia Chapter
2.      Iwan Sumantri presented Indonesia Internet Security Trend
3.      Digit Oktavianto presented Information Security Threats in the Financial Industry
4.      IGN Mantra presented What is ACAD-CSIRT and its role
At the Indonesia Honeynet Workshop on 21 June 2014, supported by Ministry of Communication and Informatics (
1.      IGN Mantra presented Public Key Infrastructure Workshop
2.      Ali Syarief conducted Android Malware Analysis using AMOS Workshop
3.      Charles Lim and Mario conducted Honeypot Deployment
4.      Digit Oktavianto conducted Malware Analysis using Cuckoo Sandbox Workshop
5.      Ricky Prajoyo conducted Malware Analysis Workshop
6.      Ahmad Zaid Zam Zami conducted Computer Forensics Fundamental Workshop
Our Indonesia Honeynet Project portal ( is maintained by Lukas, Digit Oktavianto and Charles Lim.
Following are our chapter goals this year:
* To continue to create information security awareness for the public and community of interest
* To build a community of information security research that supports various needs of Industry, Government and Education
* To expand more research collaboration with other information security communities in Indonesia such Cloud Security Alliance – Indonesia Chapter, IDSIRTII, ID-CERT, Academy CSIRT, etc.
* To involve more members to participate/support government initiative on increasing the computer security awareness
More than 15 attendees from Industry, University and Government gather together to declare the formation of Indonesia Honeynet Project on 25 November 2011, and the Indonesia Honeynet Project ( was formally accepted as one of the Honeynet Chapter ( on 19 January 2012.   Facebook fan page ( was created in 31 October 2013 to create better awareness to the public and today page had 515 likes.
Charles Lim authored 3 honeypots articles in CISO magazine ( and maintained his own blog (, and to create information security awareness and cloud issues in Indonesia