Appendix E - Author Biographies

Jamie Riden studied maths and computer science at Oxford, worked in software development for a few years and then took a masters degree in artificial intelligence at Edinburgh. Since then he has worked in IT security for Massey University, New Zealand where he was involved in incident response, forensics and intrusion detection. During this time he developed an interest in using honeypots to discover more about attackers and methods used to compromise machines, particularly Linux servers. He obtained a CISSP in September 2006 and is a member of the New Zealand Honeynet Project. [update: Jamie is now living in the UK and is a member of the United Kingdom Honeynet Project.]

Ryan McGeehan is a member of the Chicago Honeynet Project, and the creator of the Google Hack Honeypot software. His research is focused mainly around web based and client side honeynetting with DePaul University. He is currently an information security engineer at Facebook, Inc.

Brian Engert is also a member of the Chicago Honeynet Project, and the lead developer of the Google Hack Honeypot software. He is studying Computer Science at DePaul University.

Michael Mueter is a graduate student in computer science at University of Technology, Aachen, Germany and part of the German Honeynet Project. While gaining international experience at the University of Kent, United Kingdom, and Clarkson University, NY, USA he developed an in-depth background in theoretical and practical IT security, especially focusing on honeynet technology. He has been involved in several security-related software projects in recent years and is currently developing a new high-interaction approach for web-based honeypots within the scope of his masters thesis.