What's new on PHoneyC (4): Try it out!

Hi all:
       I have finished almost all the coding stuff of Project #1, now you can try out the new PHoneyC with shellcode/heapspray detection here:
        Please feel free to report any bug or suggestion on shellcode/heapspray detection to me.

        As Geng and his partner is still working on the DOM simulation of PHoneyC (Project #2), I will do more test and write an overall introduction to the ideas and structure of the new PHoneyC after merging in his final commit.
NOTICE: The DOM simulation part of PHoneyC in the svn may change a lot in the following days, so please checkout revision 1433 of the for a stable version.
Here is the current installation manual, you can also find it in the README file:



Compile the modules:

    cd modules
    make install

NOTE: Don't need to have root privilege when running make install.

Run it:

   PYTHONPATH=lib/python python main.py URL-you-what-to-examine