Interesting Reads: Mon^H^H^HTuesday 24th July

Good morning folks

My apologies for the delay on this one. It appears the the wily coyote has passed on his tricks to my Internet connection and as such I've been offline for a fairly large portion of time. No matter....onward to the readables !!


An in-depth code analysis of mssecmgr.ocx from the ESET folks is here.

The Virus Total crew are bringing some seriously cool features to VT. More here

The SANS diary has a short but great article on diagnosing malware with Resource Monitor here. They're also worth following on Twitter if you don't already.

General Goodness

There seems to be quite a few people taking advantage of Cuckoo. There's a very cool post on adding ClamAV and Yara signatures to it here. Definitely worth having a look at.

Recently at Hitcon there was a talk by @osxreverser on OS X Malware which was worth looking at (pdf). Hopefully they will publish the videos for it in the near future...

There's probably a bunch more out there, but that should be enough to get you started on your Mon^H^H^HTuesday morning...

Have a good one folks..