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Canadian Chapter

Canadian Chapter led by Ali Ghorbani; Research focus: Botnet analysis, malware analysis

ali.ghorbani 1 Closed
California Chapter

California Chapter Lead by Brett Stone-Gross

Brett Stone-Gross 1 Closed
Ukraine CERT chapter

Ukraine CERT chapter

nikolay.koval 1 1 Closed
Honeynet Radar

Iranian Chapter, focused on Vulnerability research, automatic binary analysis, malware analysis & honeypot research

arash.allebrahim 1 Invite only
Swizterland Chapter

Provide analytics and demonstrate threat intelligence relating to global and local threats in/around and towards Switzerland.

jonathan.sinclair 1 Closed
Japan Chapter

Japan Chapter lead by Itaru Kamiya

itaru.kamiya 1 Closed
Kenya Chapter

Kenya Chapter lead by Paula Musuva

paula.musuva 2 1 Closed
Mexican Chapter

Mexican Chapter led by Hugo Gonzalez; Research Focus: Malware Analysis & Bots/Botnets

hugo.glez 4 1 Invite only
Taiwan Chapter

Taiwan Chapter Research Focus: Malware analysis.

yi-lang.tsai 8 2 Invite only
United Arab Emirates Chapter

U.A.E. Chapter led by Ahmad Al Ajail

ahmad.hassan 4 2 Invite only
Hawaii Chapter

Hawaiin Chapter led by Ryan Talabis

ryan.talabis 3 2 Closed
Argentina Chapter

Members from Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico, Córdoba, Argentina

eduardo.casanovas 2 Closed
Southern California ("SoCal") Chapter

SoCal Chapter led by Cameron Malin; Research Focus: malware forensics,malware profiling

cameron.malin 4 2 Closed
Dutch Honeypots

Dutch Honeynet Chapter

marc.landman 2 Closed
UNAM Chapter

UNAM Chapter led by Roberto Sanchez; Research focus: Data malware collection, Darknets, Honeynet infrastructure, Automated traffic log processing

javier.santillan 4 2 Closed
Irish Chapter

Irish Chapter

brendan.lawless 2 2 Invite only
Rochester Institute of Technology Chapter

We wish to create new tools that will create visual representations of network data obtained as well as improve existing tools. Other areas of work wi

david.pisano 3 3 Closed
Saudi CERT Chapter

Saudi CERT Chapter led by Omar Alsuhaibany

drupal 3 Invite only
Brazilian Chapter

Brazilian Chapter led by Antonio Montes

antonio.montes 2 3 Closed
OCERT Honeynet Project

OCERT Honeynet Project

drupal 4 3 Invite only
Alaskan Chapter

Alaskan Chapter led by Chris Hecker;Research focus: visualization, HI honeypots, automated config and deployment of honeynets, virtualization, and VMI

brian.hay 5 3 Closed
Vietnam Honeynet Chapter

Vietnam Honeynet Chapter

thanhnguyen 3 3 Invite only
Italian Chapter

Italian Chapter led by Marco Riccardi; Research Focus: Botnets (Tracking,Visualisations,Monitoring), Distributed Honeypots, Threat Intelligence

marco.riccardi 8 4 Closed
Giraffe Chapter

We are development orientend honeynet chapter. Our main research interests are: low interaction honeypots, emulation, reverse engineering.

tillmann.werner 24 4 Closed
Turkish Chapter

Turkey Honeynet Project led by Ali Ikinci;

ali.ikinci 2 4 Invite only
MAS Chapter

Malware Analytics at Scale

tamas.lengyel 4 Invite only
Australian Chapter

Australian Chapter

ben.whitham 4 Invite only
South African Chapter

South African Chapter

Matt.Erasmus 6 4 Request membership
Singapore Chapter

Singapore Chapter led by Cecil Su 5 5 Closed
Spartan Devils Chapter

Spartan Devils Chapter led by Tom Holt; Research focus: motives, beliefs and social dynamics of the hacker community around the world

tom.holt 2 5 Closed
Chinese Chapter

Chinese Chapter led by Jianwei Zhuge; Research focus: client honeypot, high-interaction honeypot, malware col and analysis

jianwei.zhuge 8 5 Invite only
Swedish Chapter

Swedish Chapter

mikael.keri 5 5 Invite only
Hong Kong Chapter

Hong Kong Chapter led by Peter Cheung & Roland Cheung. Research Focus: Low-Interaction Honeypots

peter.cheung 5 5 Closed
UK Chapter

UK Chapter led by David Watson; Research focus: Distributed honeynets, Improving honeynet data analysis tools

david.watson 2 6 Closed
Tunisian Chapter

Tunisian chapter led by Hafidh Faleh

hafidh.faleh 2 6 Closed
CyberSecurity Malaysia Chapter

Our efforts are currently focused on malware collection, web application honeypots and visualizing trends. 3 6 Closed
EG-CERT Chapter

Egyptian CERT

ahmad.aabed 6 Invite only
Bay Area Chapter

Bay Area Chapter

krassimir.tzvetanov 6 Invite only
Pakistan Chapter

Pakistan Chapter led by Faiz Ahmad Shuja; Research Focus: virtual honeynet, low-interaction honeynet, data analysis tools/UIs development

faizshuja 3 6 Closed
THE Chapter

Loosely organized alliance of Italian, German, and Dutch hackers devoted to the freedom of computing machinery worldwide.

claudio.guarnieri 1 7 Closed
Malaysian Chapter

Malaysian Chapter

mahmud.ab.rahman 2 7 Closed
HoneyNED Chapter

Netherlands Chapter

rogier.spoor 3 7 Invite only

honeyTARG chapter in Brazil led by Cristine Hoepers;

cristine.hoepers 4 7 Closed
RoT-1 Chapter

RoT-1 Chapter led by Ryan W Smith

ryan.w.smith 3 7 Invite only
Indian Chapter

Indian Chapter led by Dinesh Bareja

dinesh.bareja 3 8 Invite only
Czech Chapter

Czech Chapter led by David Vorel

david.vorel 5 8 Invite only
Polish Chapter

Polish Chapter led by Pawel Jacewic

Paweł.Jacewicz 9 Closed
Saudi Honeynet Chapter

Saudi Honeynet Chapter

drupal 2 10 Invite only
Pacific Northwest Chapter

High interaction client honeypots for research of drive by downloads attacks. Application of deception theory in the research of drive by downloads.

dcgrant 5 11 Closed
Indonesian Chapter

Indonesian Honeynet Project

charles.lim 5 11 Closed
French Chapter

French Chapter, led by Sebastien Tricaud

sebastien.tricaud 5 12 Closed
Norwegian Chapter

Norwegian Chapter led by Sjur Usken

hugo.gascon 9 12 Closed
Sysenter Chapter

Sysenter Chapter

angelo.dellaera 14 13 Invite only
Global Chapter

Global Chapter - we connect sparse researchers!

arrigo.triulzi 2 14 Closed
Croatian Chapter

Work for the Croatian government, helping them secure their country's information systems

miroslav.stampar 14 Invite only
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