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The UK Honeynet Project (a Chapter of The Honeynet Project) was founded in 2002 as a volunteer not-for-profit research organisation. Our aim is to provide information surrounding security threats and vulnerabilities active in the wild on UK networks today, to learn the tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community and to share these lessons learned with the public and the wider IT community. The project seeks to provide input as part of an overall honeynet community of teams researching security within IT systems around the globe.

GSoC 2010 Proposed Ideas

Please note that GSoC 2011 has now successfully completed. This content is being retained for reference only.

GSoC Project Ideas

UK Chapter Status Report For 2008

1. David is still Boss Man.
2. Currently active members:
Arthur: honeysnap
David: GDH, CRO, and presenting at/attending conferences.
Jamie: HP sysadmin
Steve: assisting David with building low-cost low-admin sensors

1. GDH?
1. Arthur and Steve: honeysnap
2. Jamie tried to do some porting of nepenthes to ARM big-endian architecture.
3. David: GDH phase II, ?
1. Highlight any unique findings, attacks, tools, or methods. Read more »

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