Student Application Template for Google Summer of Code 2012

Your Name:
Email Address:
Instant messenger name and protocol (if any):
Principle spoken language:

  1. Top project choice (can be one of our project suggestions or your own)
  2. Are you willing and able to work on other projects instead?
  3. Please describe you preferered coding languages and experience
  4. Please describe any Windows, Unix or Mac OS X development experience relevant to your chosen project
  5. Please describe any previous usage with Honeynet Project tools or honeypots in general
  6. Please describe any previous Honeynet Project or honeypot related development experience, including details of any patches, code or ideas you may have previously submitted
  7. Please describe any previous Open Source development experience, including projects you have worked on
  8. What school do you attend and what is your specialty/major at the school?
  9. How many years have you attended there?
  10. What city/country will you be spending this summer in?
  11. How much time do you expect to have for this project?
  12. Please list jobs, summer classes, and/or vacations that you'll need to work around
  13. Have you participated in any previous Summer of Code projects? If so please describe your projects and experience, including what you liked or didn't like about the experience
  14. Have you applied for (or intend to apply for) any other Google Summer of Code 2012 projects? If so, which ones?
  15. If you have a URL for your resume/CV, please list it here.
  16. If you wish to list any personal/blog URLs, do so here.
  17. Please describe your proposed project in detail, including deliverables and expected timeline with milestones (this is the long answer, so spend most time here!).
  18. Why are you well suited to perform this project and why are you interested in it?
  19. Have you been in contact with us previously about your project ideas on IRC (#gsoc2012-honeynet on, and if so, what is your IRC nick?
  20. Have any of our members met you face to face, such as at one of our recent public events (Paris or San Francisco Bay Area)? If so, please list who/where?