webgl-globe visualization

I have been dealing with visualizing hpfeeds data. I had to change the feed.py file as if it will save the gathered information to the postgis database. feed.py is working in simple way, connecting to a central machine and displaying the malware results at the screen. It requires ident, secret, host IP and a channel name. The channel should be registered.

After running the edited version of feed.py, i had some data at my database. The model at the Django model is below:

      url = models.URLField()
      timestamp = models.DateTimeField(auto_now=True)
      daddr = models.IPAddressField()
      saddr = models.IPAddressField()
      dport = models.IntegerField()
      sport = models.IntegerField()
      md5 = models.CharField(max_length=32)

Unfortunately, currend hpfeeds is not reporting the timestamp information about malwares. For now, a temporary information is saved, instead.

webgl-globe is able to display a json file. It requires latitude, longitude and the magnitude related with the location. Instead of a json file, i returned json response at my Django view, either by grouping first according to timestamp and then source address, or just source address with the hits counted. It took some time fixing the view at js files and creating the css files. The resulting globe is below:

webgl-globe Web UI

I also added a summary information displaying the number of hits according to the geographic locations.

Summary of MW Hits

Current visualization is not working in real time. It is being produced when the page is refreshed.