Trigona Honey-Client

Trigona is a VirtualBox powered honey-client that was designed for high throughput with low False Positive and low False Negative rates.

It is essentially taking the best of High interaction and Low interaction honey-clients and cobbling them together with a couple of Perl scripts.

The benefits of High Interaction honey-client's has been that since there is no emulation of software etc. you can catch everything as opposed to a low interaction honey-client where exploits will only be caught if they have been catered for. However the down side of the High Interaction honey-client is that it is a lot slower than a Low Interaction as it requires a full blown virtual machine for each URL analysed as opposed to generally a command-line tool that can pump through a lot of links in a short period of time.

Trigona takes the high throughput of LI honey-clients and the 'catch all' benefits of the HI honey-clients and puts it into one system.